Dr. Nancy Kirsner
PhD., MFT, OTR, TEP, CPP.              Counseling Services 

Roots n Wings

When talk is not cheap...

Knowing how to choose a therapist

A therapist is not a friend but is someone you should feel comfortable with because she or he will have a very close relationship with you for a time. So listen up:

  • You ARE allowed to shop for a therapist. No bona fide therapist should feel offended because you are trying to find the right one.
  • Call at least three candidates.
  • Pay attention to how easy or hard is it to set up an appointment
  • Listen to their voice. Is it soothing, grating, neutral? Can you live with hearing it for many hours ?
  • Fees should not be mysterious. The therapist should be able to talk frankly about fees over the phone with a prospective client.
  • Look for good boundaries. If in the first encounter your therapist talks about his or her children, hobbies, etc., back away fast. The therapist should focus on you not on themselves